Portfolio Management:
BanyanTree Wealth offers discretionary portfolio management for its high net worth clients. This service offers clients access to institutional level portfolio management expertise for their investment portfolios. We have tied up with international private banks who provide custody and brokerage services.

Market Updates/Strategy:
We provide customers with a range of regular and thematic reports with unbiased actionable trade ideas which help them take informed trading decisions and navigate the ups and downs of investing.


Investments & Wealth Management
BanyanTree Wealth's team brings significant experience in both Private Banking and Asset Management across developed and emerging markets. We use our expertise in wealth planning, asset allocation, active portfolio management and best execution which adds up to deliver in a risk-controlled manner.

Structured Products/Derivatives:
Ability to structure, price and source all kinds of products from capital guaranteed notes to exotic structured products. Strong capability to reverse engineer structured products resulting in transparent pricing and cost savings for clients. In house expertise in trading multiple global asset classes also enables BanyanTree to advise clients on the fundamental and technical aspects of various underlying assets and strive to deliver positive returns.

Global Custody & Trading
BanyanTree Wealth has tied up with global custodians to offer custody and brokerage services. Our custodial arrangements enable you to access global markets covering all your investment needs.

Execution Only

We aim to deliver a quality service at competitive prices, to clients who prefer to make their own investment decisions with no advice from us through our partner banks. Although we do not advise you about a particular investment or transaction, we assess and discuss complex investment ideas.

We will aim to provide a competitive pricing proposition when it comes to execution-only trades

Global Index Opportunities Fund

BanyanTree Global Index Opportunities Fund is an actively managed fund targeting long term capital growth and superior market adjusted returns. The fund's core investment strategy is to capture the difference between implied volatility and realised volatility in global equity markets. The fund utilises arbitrage, directional, market neutral or a mix of different types of volatility trading strategies. The fund focusses on most liquid indices viz S&P500, Dow Jones, FTSE and DAX.

The strategy is uncorrelated to traditional asset classes and provides an excellent alternative investment opportunity to improve diversification in a portfolio. The fund aims to deliver positive returns irrespective of market performance.